Cheating minds 

She’s beautiful and she’s filled with grace but nothing compared to you 

The moment you walked into the room my failing eyes took flight 

You gave life to this festivity,let us dance to the music of the night 

As I followed you into the shadows I was filled with youthful desire 

And aura of alluring  beauty permeates in  your every  sigh…
“Indeed your presence was ineluctable reminded me of the man I once loved,but here we are in perfect harmony our feelings unflinchingly reciprocated”

“Woman you are the voice I strived to be heard ,dwindling all these years 

I subdued my self and stifled my breath for the sake of her tears

“Oh! share your woes I hear your cry “

The seasons of unappreciation, that bludgeoned my spirit and left drizzles of me to die …

Selfish ! Selfish ! Selfish !  

Let us celebrate to old bonds broken and new ” ties”

They emerged from the shadows and drew the curtains ,staring into each other’s disquiet eyes…

Not a word was spoken as their minds had quietened to the years they lived in hostility

Their “cheating minds “had  cheated on them,an  innocent rendezvous in anonymity 

The band on their fingers sang their names and they quietly  headed home united by the “vow”.



Howling shrieks rouse the midnight hour

“Her wounds”  awaken to the tune of a different serenade…
Effortlessly down the stairs  she glides,

“Her wounds” cry a melancholic strain

The music plays …

She gladly makes new wounds of resilience

They spew from  their mouths  liquid ruby

The music plays…

As the night grows on he drinks her poison

Never  did she look so inviting

“All along my ghost has  cradled you to sleep ”

“I’ll calm your raging sea and balm your wounds”

“The wait was long but now I shall love, dues have been paid” …

With tired eyes she looks at him and lulls their gaping mouths

“Let the music play”she says

His ghost cradles her back  to sleep

Her wounds go on another night  to  awaken to the tune of a different serenade…

Voices in my head 2

IMG_20170920_001459He is screaming but is quiet

He is running but is being swallowed

He swims but is drowning

leave me alone“he begs

“But I’m your friend ” it says

I feel happiness all around

“In which you painfully drown ”

I need time,I have things to do “

“You know you are running from yourself, isn’t it true?”

I have people who love me

“You are nothing but a burden I’ll set you free”

“I will survive there’s nothing you can do “

“I am who you are,I control you”

Following …tumblr_mzvvekqlz31sgaxxio1_500

Promise me it’s a better place “

” Warm like the  incandescent smile on your mother’s face”

I’ll be safe and sound ?”

“Same as your daughter feels when you are around ”

I’ll be at peace ?”

“Everytime you get home and your wife plants a smothering kiss ”

I hope they don’t cry too much they should know I needed to be saved”

“Their tears will always water your grave ”